Pellet Burning Stoves


Easy to Feed

Easy to feedEasy to feed the stove, thanks to the practical and large feeding box in the upperb part of the stove,allows a long functioning autonomy.

Extractable Hearth

Extractable hearthExtractable cast iron hearth.

Spacious Ash Box

Spacious ash boxHandy and spacious ash box.

Intuitive Control Panel

Control PanelThe control panel, allows the automatic ignition and the planning of the heat yield, adjusting the desired temperature thanks to the incorporated room thermostat. It is also possible to set 2 different temperatures for 2 different time periods: one for the day and one for the night. Besides, the programmer inside the stove allows the user to program 3 ignitions and 3 extinctions on all the days of the week.

Remote Control

Remote ControlEasy to use remote control

Quality Heat Exchanger

Quality Heat ExchangerLong-lasting heat exchanger in stainless steel AISI 321 (18/10), great heat conductor for a high thermal efficiency.



About the pelletsWood is the raw material man has been using to obtain energy since time began. Most alpine regions are covered with woods. This means millions of hectares of woods – and the woods keep growing. Therefore wood is a fuel that is always available at a regional level. A fuel that isn't effected by fuel crises, becoming an incentive for the local economy.

The normal wooden logs that we are all used to seeing are not necessary but, instead, precompressed pellets derived from the best timber, virtually humidity-free and an extremely high heat yield: just think that the true yield is close to 90%.

Pellet ecology


Technology & Environment

Low emissions and minimum environmental impact with the combustion of wood and pellets in boilers using the latest technology.

Pellet ecology

The modern wood and pellet boilers, designed and produced by La Nordica-Extraflame are the optimal solution for heating and hot sanitary water, as they respect the environment. Sometimes people think that burning wood pollutes the atmosphere, but this is true only for old, traditional boilers without an optimised combustion. This isn’t true for the new La Nordica-Extraflame boilers that use the latest technology, and are designed to obtain an almost perfect wood and pellet combustion In this way it is possible to obtain emissions that are comparable to those of gas boilers. These results have been obtained thanks to the use of various devices such as the "lambda probe" and the separate management of the primary and secondary air controlled by a microprocessor, and in wood boilers using the downfiring system.

A Pellet Stove in Action

* Please note: We do not sell the Artel model featured in this video - however the operation of ExtraFlame Stoves (the type that we sell) is very similar.

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